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Meet Pringle! Best guide in Jamiaca.

I recently went to Jamaica with my gorgeous boyfriend and shortly after landing we met Pringle who is a WONDERFUL guide to everything good in Jamaica. He showed us the best authentic Jamaican food spots as well as introducing us to his Aunty who made is the best lunch we had while in Jamaica. He made our day extremely comfortable + fun + full of delicious food & views. He also took our camera every chance he could to get happy snaps of us which was so thoughtful!!!
I have posted all of his contact information down below if you or anyone you know that is looking for a great tour guide, contact Pringle!!



┬áThis is his Aunts kitchen where she cooked all of the delicious Jamaican food you see down below…………….


Aki & Salt fish + Rice & Peas + Barbecued chicken + Dumpling + Breadfruit + Salad


He drove us all around Negril and its surrounding towns in his comfy safe car that he owns. Our trip with Pringle was safe and so fun as he has such a wondeful personality and is very easy to talk to! He had Brendan and I laughing all day and all the way back to the hotel.

  • Tel: 1(876) 292-6564
  • Airport and Hotel Transfer, shopping, tours etc……..

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