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Interval training at home!

Hello! These are all workouts you can do at home with no equipment! You can modify these exercises to fit you’re physical condition. At the bottom of he page. I am passionate about working out and eating healthy because I have always . Interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness. This type of exercise allows you to continue burning calories after you’re workout when you are at rest. This is what works best for me because I don’t have to workout for an hour everyday to maintain my shape, along with exercise and good eating habits I am able to continue my goals.

I linked the youtube video showing all the exercises in motion.

Mountain Climbers / 30 second rest

 Scissor squat /30 second rest

 Squat w/ pushup/ 30 second rest


 Core twist/ 30 second rest

Downward dog pushup / 30 second rest.


Hope yo enjoy the video!!

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