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Meet Pringle! Best guide in Jamiaca.

I recently went to Jamaica with my gorgeous boyfriend and shortly after landing we met Pringle who is a WONDERFUL guide to everything good in Jamaica. He showed us the best authentic Jamaican food spots as well as introducing us to his Aunty who made is the best lunch we had while in Jamaica. He made our day extremely comfortable + fun + full of delicious food & views. He

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Coyo Taco in Wynwood! Best Mexican food in Miami!

COYO TACO! Coyo taco in Wynwood! Best Mexican food in Miami!  Hi everyone!!! I have been in Miami this entire weekend which is great because I got away from the New York City frigid weather :-D. I just went to Wynwood today with a very good friend here in Miami where we found this hidden gem called Coyo Taco. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out they had just recently opened + the

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