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Meet Pringle! Best guide in Jamiaca.

I recently went to Jamaica with my gorgeous boyfriend and shortly after landing we met Pringle who is a WONDERFUL guide to everything good in Jamaica. He showed us the best authentic Jamaican food spots as well as introducing us to his Aunty who made is the best lunch we had while in Jamaica. He made our day extremely comfortable + fun + full of delicious food & views. He

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Exercises for abs at home on my youtube! @esterjiron

New post on my youtube channel on how I do Ab workouts at home! Watch and try some of the exercises out and let me know what you think!! Click on the video below and ENJOY!!  

Nasty Gal coat + Michael Kors winter outfit!

Winter Outfit: Black on Black I love my new coat from Nasty Gal! It is so warm and cozy yet ultra fashionable! I paired the jacket with a black turtleneck + dark blue jeans from Forever21 + Michael Kors boots. What I am wearing: Nasty Gal Ride Away Sherpa Coat  ($63.00 (58% OFF)) MICHAEL Michael Kors York Suede Knee Boot (SOLD OUT) Forever 21 Skinny Jeans ( Super affordable!) Nasty

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Coyo Taco in Wynwood! Best Mexican food in Miami!

COYO TACO! Coyo taco in Wynwood! Best Mexican food in Miami!  Hi everyone!!! I have been in Miami this entire weekend which is great because I got away from the New York City frigid weather :-D. I just went to Wynwood today with a very good friend here in Miami where we found this hidden gem called Coyo Taco. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out they had just recently opened + the

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Mi nuevo corte de pelo! Cortesia de Yessi Salon!

Hola a todos!! Aunque tenia el pelo muy largo estaba muy seco y necesitaba un corte de emergencia!! Cada vez que llego a Managua llamo a Yesenia para que me corte y haga tratamientos. Ella ofrece servicios a domicilio! Siempre ha echo un trabajo buenisimo! Aqui esta su direccion y numero para que la llamen y le dicen que le mando saludos D: Semaforos de la Nestle 10 vrs. al Lago.

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Interval training at home!

Hello! These are all workouts you can do at home with no equipment! You can modify these exercises to fit you’re physical condition. At the bottom of he page. I am passionate about working out and eating healthy because I have always . Interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness. This type of exercise allows

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2 summer looks!

   Video is posted at the bottom of the page to get a better look at both outfits on my youtube channel called comfortmytummy.  Both of these Tigerlily outfits were gifted to me and when I went on the Tigerlily website I found so many other beautiful options like both of these. Two piece sets are huge this year and will continue to be next year along with mini beach

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Pumpkin Masala Zoodles

Hello! This recipe was created purely from what I had in my pantry that day, which made this easy and quick without having to buy anything extra at the grocery store. One of my favorite kitchen tools is the Paderno Spiralizer which allows you to create noodles from any vegetable that is suitably shaped to fit the blade of the Spiralizer. It makes it extremely easy to make quick dishes

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BEST Protein Date balls!

(español) These protein balls are ideal for a post workout snack or to have as raw cereal for breakfast. 1 cup dried dates + ¾ cup raw almonds + ¼ cup hemp seeds + 2 tbs chia seeds Blend all the ingredients in you’re food processor until combined well but not smooth (still chunky). At this point you could leave the date mixture as is and eat as a raw cereal, storing

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Ester’s Vegetable Napoleon Recipe

 This is an absolutely delicious dish on its own and it can be made vegan without the bit of mozzarella I added to the top, before popping it into the oven. First off, I am using squash + my basic tomato sauce + chicken simmered in vegetables and water + mozzarella to top which aids in my daily cheese fix {♥I LOVE CHEESE♥}. I am all about making cooking easy

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